DMCA Free Music for Twitch and YouTube

If you’ve ever found yourself with a DMCA strike, or portions of your stream’s VOD muted, it’s likely because of copyright issues with music. Many streamers choose to not play music to avoid this, however, music can play a big role in setting the mood and atmosphere for your audience.

So how do we combat this? It’s simple – use DMCA free music that is legally cleared for use on a live stream, to avoid any issues with copyright infringement. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best services for DMCA-free music for use on Twitch live streams, including Epidemic Sounds, Streambeats, Streamlabs Music, Pretzel Rocks and Backing Track.

Epidemic Sound

dmca free music epidemic sounds

Epidemic Sound is a professional level music library that I personally use for my DMCA free music needs including live stream and music for our promotional videos. Their entire catalogue is cleared for use on live streams, and content. The service offers a free trial, but requires a very fairly priced paid plan if you intend on sticking with it. A neat feature from Epidemic Sound is the ability to search for tracks by mood, which can be helpful for finding the perfect music for your stream. They also have their music added to Spotify, ready to create your “live stream playlist”. This is my personal pick for serious content creators. Available directly via your browser, or YouTube and Spotify.


dmca free music streambeats

A well known creator, Harris Heller, developed StreamBeats in response to continuous DMCA issues running rampart in the Twitch community. As a content creator himself, the music style and genres are perfect for streamers and content creators. They have ensured all their catalogue only includes DMCA free music for use on Twitch and YouTube meaning there is almost no chance of running into problems. One of the best things in my opinion is most of their tracks have no vocals, making them incredible for background music. The library size is big enough to suit most content creators, and a premium sound for the low, low price of free. Available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

Streamlabs Music

Streamlabs Logo

Streamlabs Music is another service that offers a library of music that is cleared for use on live streams. The service is integrated with Streamlabs Desktop, so users who prefer the luxury of quick installations of Streamlabs overlays and widgets will find this handy. In the short time that I listened to the music available, it a bit “stock” quality, but still great for background sound to fill the void. The interface within Streamlabs Desktop takes a little bit to get use to, but hoping they can improve the experience in the future.


dmca free music pretzel

Another streaming service that offers a library of DMCA free music for live streams is Pretzel. One of the original saviours of live streamed music, Pretzel offers a free tier with a limited library of curated music, as well as paid plans with access to one of, if not the largest library of tracks. Pretzel Rocks also offers the ability to create custom playlists, and a standalone music player and cool Twitch integrations such as “What’s playing?” automated chat-box responses and integration into popular streaming tools such as Streamlabs Desktop and Stream Deck plugins.

Backing Track

dmca free music backing track

For the metal, synth, rock and fans of the 80s in general, Backing Track is your place to go. This DMCA free music is the creation of EposVox and IceOrb. These are some of the coolest, hard-hitting tracks out there. It appears they’ll be expanding into more genres in 2023 and we can’t wait. Backing Track is available for free basically everywhere – Spotify, Pretzel, YouTube, Apple Music and Amazon.

When it comes to finding DMCA free music for your live streams and content creation, it’s important to use a service that offers tracks that are cleared for use on live streams. All of the services mentioned in this post, offer a wide variety of tracks that are cleared for use on live streams. Each service has its own unique features, so it’s worth taking a look at all of them to see which one best fits your needs.